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The History of EMT

The EMT - Founder Wilhelm Franz was born 1913 in Bremen. His professional way led him first to Berlin, where he was involved with the measuring instrument development and the sales. Afterwards he went to C. Lorenz AG who gave him the possibility to collect as deputy directors/conductors of the measuring laboratories a rich wealth of experience.

EMTWith only 27 years he created then 1940 in Berlin his own company "Electrical Measuring Technology William Franz KG". Highly sensitive control and measuring instruments for the messages and radio technology secured for the company soon a good reputation. Short before end of WW 2 the company relocated to Dingelsdorf at the Bodensee and briefly later to Lahr in the Black Forest. The end of war brought also for EMT the disassembly, and so only at the beginning of 1948 the enterprise could be taken up gradually again.

Began off there a time, which in co-operation with considerable companies, e.g. STUDER, to a worldwide sales network and outstanding developments on the broadcast sector led. Of it the today most well-known products are probably the record players of the row:

  • EMT 927 with a platter searched by a diameter of 44 cm, a 12"arm and a total weight of 41kg, today extremely rare and

  • The EMT 930 the broadcast record player of which for decades in 24 h 7 day use was and today still serves in private use

  • EMT 950 the first direct driven EMT - equipment with its successors

  • EMT 948 and EMT 938 as well as all the pick-ups (Tondose).

  • O-series for mono records (horizontal deflection)

  • TSD 15 mc-system, for the employment in all EMT tonearms

  • XSD 15 mc-system with tonearms with SME standard connection

Other equipment lines were in addition, just as important as reverberation devices, compressors and Limiter, in order to call here only some. Many of these devices set yardsticks at their time and partially also today still are in the use.

After William Franz had died 1971, Erich R. Vogl resumed, during many years the company with large success. 1989 took place then the sales of the EMT to the Belgian company BARCO and the company arose afterwards under the name BARCO - EMT at the market. In consequence many activities of the EMT were stopped. After the development department close down, the company headquarters served the selling of the BARCO products.

Only a small core team of the earlier EMT remained active for devices in the production and the service by the pick-ups as well as the EMT –electronics.

August 2003, EMT was sold by BARCO to Walter Derrer, who comes from the pro audio range. Together with all rights also the "core team" was taken over, i.e. the “Tondosen” know-how carrier with.
The “new” EMT started activities under the name EMT Studiotechnik GmbH. Our core business is appropriate further in the audio - technology. On the one hand the care of existing products, on the other hand the development of the offer pallet of further are advanced: Most pick-ups are still manufactured and new systems are in the development. Likewise we accomplish devices service and repairs for nearly all EMT.

Here we differentiate between the ranges of application:


  • selling and service of the legendary pick-ups,

  • service for all EMT devices

  • new developments by complex products and systems, e.g. the "Phoenix 5,1", a system for spatial perception with headphones of which this year.

  • selling of 3rd party products of the companies Maycom, SATCOM easyLINK, Media engineering and psi.

Audiophile/ High End Products

  • selling and service of the "legendary" pick-ups

  • service for all EMT record players and their periphery

  • new editions of development within the similar range.

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